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Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Freebies

Bingo Blitz is one of the hottest mobile games out right now. The game allows users to play bingo online without putting any “real” money at stake. Players use in-game credits instead of cash.  Although players are allotted a daily amount of Bingo Blitz free credits, it’s not much and oftentimes players will find themselves out of credits quickly and needing more. Facing a dilemma, credit deficient players have the option of waiting for their next free batch or purchasing them with real cash. If only there was a way to get Bingo Blitz free credits….wait there is! Luckily for you you stumbled across the right place. Here at Slotboosters we have links for you to collect free coins for Bingo Blitz. Read on to find out.

Bingo blitz free credits

Where can I get free Bingo Blitz credits?

To claim your  Bingo Blitz free credits just go on the button below “Collect Free Credits” . You’ll be redirected to our forum where you are able to collect the Bingo Blitz freebies you are searching for. On the forum freebies are posted with a link and all users must do is go on the link to collect their Bingo Blitz bonus. No need to worry, all the Bingo Blitz free credits links we post have been tested and are working. We are completely transparent. Just visit our forum, obtain free credits. That simple. It’s 2020 and simplicity beats complexity!

Collect Bingo Blitz Free Credits
Our site is updated 2-3x everyday with new Bingo Blitz freebies for all of our games. There is no limit to the amount of Bingo Blitz daily freebies one can collect. If visitors get a link it’s all theres. In contrast with other social casino game sites which limit non-members, Slotbooster respects our visitors decisions and allow all who visit the site regardless of their membership to collect freebies. This is great and you’ll be lucky to find another site that does this.

How to collect the bingo blitz bonus coins ?

Sometimes free coins for Bingo Blitz may not work as you may have collected them somewhere else(on our site or another site) or they have expired. Free credits on Bingo Blitz take between 24-72 hours to expire. Freebies can only be redeemed one time per account.

Very Important: If a post is made with several freebie links and you go on the first one, if the other freebie links not work. To fix this you must clear your browser cache after the first link you go on.

If you want to be the first to receive updates on new games we are adding to our repertoire, access to VIP freebie links, or the latest Bingo Blitz free credits 2020 in stock, just register and become a member of our forum. We support the most facebook and mobile phone games , such as Doubledown Casino free chips , Wsop Free chips , Jackpot party , House of fun and many other games. It’s safe and registration is the standard email + password verification and that’s it. Our forum is SSL secured with no pop-ups or viruses. Members will receive email notification allowing them to be the first to grab the new freebies. If you have a favorite game, you can choose to follow that game so you ONLY receive notifications for that said game. On the forum you can introduce yourself to the community and meet fellow gamers. Members can post threads detailing game frustrations and other things of that nature.

Bingo Blitz freebies

Site that you should not use to collect Bingo blitz freebies

Slotfreebies should not be trusted as they allow anyone to post Bingo Blitz free coins links which could cause you to end up anywhere. They claim that the links are moderated but this is just not true as I myself and many others have witnessed obvious spam links and viruses being posted and staying posted for weeks and months at a time. There probably are bad links on that site that will never get taken down. Allowing ANYONE to come in and post links is dangerous and I don’t get the logic behind their setup. Seems that they don’t care about offering value or safety but rather churning out a gajillion freebies.

Gamehunters is another bad site to collect Bingo Blitz free coins. Not only do they make you input lots of info to sign up, but their selection is very limited in comparison to ours and even slotfreebies. I also clicked on a few separate Bingo Blitz free credits links on the site(not the freebies) and I got a few pop-ups about viruses. Not good. It’s not in the least bit difficult to make your site safe and secure. If someone is too lazy to even do that then I don’t trust what they are offering. It’s probably junk. And it is. Many of the Bingo Blitz freebies are expired and you gotta be in the right place at the right time to get the really good ones. Majority of their Bingo Blitz bonuses are trash.

Casinosmash is unbelievably annoying when it comes to Bingo Blitz free stuff. If you want to waste 1/3rd of your day wondering aimlessly around their site just to end up having  to take a sudden “one more” 20 question quiz to finally collect your Bingo Blitz daily freebies than by all means go ahead with these guys . You must register which although it only takes your email, be prepared to have your inbox spammed to death by marketers. After I signed up for their site my spam box began accumulating spam after spam.  They possess few games to collect freebies for and while they do moderate their links effectively there just isn’t really anything good they offer. Their site is secure I do give them that.

Why choose us for Bingo Blitz free credits !

What makes Slotbooster different from the rest? Safe secure connection with a valid SSL certificate(the small lock icon next to the URL). No viruses, no popups, we don’t ask for any of your personal information. Updates are made DAILY for all of our games. Dedicated moderator team that ensures everything is running smoothly. Freebies that you won’t find anywhere else.

Unlimited freebies to collect. As long as you got the link, it’s yours. We don’t ask anything of you in return. No surveys, no registration.  Visitors have the OPTION to sign up as a member on our forums. It’s completely free and does not require any personal information. Once signed up you are able to subscribe to certain games to be updated IMMEDIATELY when new freebies are released.

Remember to visit our forum to collect your free bingo blitz credits. If you’d like more head on over to our Bingo Blitz freebie page where you will be able to select any game you choose. Stay tuned as we are always looking for new games to add!