Aliens: Dark Descent — Everything We Know

Aliens: Dark Descent — Everything We Know

Aliens: Dark Descent is an upcoming RTS game planned to be released in June 2023 as the continuation of the Alien video game series. Aliens: Dark Descent will have a story that features the events that happened 20 years after the events that happened in Alien 3. For your information, Alien 3 is a 1992 science fiction movie that served as the third installment in the Alien movie series.

Aliens: Dark Descent — Everything We Know

Aliens: Dark Descent will be released on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. This game was first announced in June 2022 during a live online video game event called Summer Game Fest.

What Can You Expect from Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay?

The gameplay will be much different from the previous game in the Alien video game series, which is Alien: Isolation. In Alien: Isolation, you will play in first-person mode, and the game will play similar to any first-person shooter game, with the difference being that it is set in the Alien’s universe.

However, with Alien: Dark Descent, you will play as the leader of the command unit that you deploy to kill the aliens. As the command leader, you will need to set some tactical strategies that will allow your team members to handle the alien invasion in the most effective ways possible.

As this game belongs in the RTS or Real Time Strategy genre, you will need to deploy various tactical commands to your team members in real time throughout the game to ensure your team victory against the aliens.

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Game Development Information

Aliens: Dark Descent is a game developed by Tindalos Interactive, and it will be published by Focus Entertainment for the June 20th, 2023 release date. Pre-order is available as of today. You can purchase this game before release on the platform of your choice, so that you can play it right away on the release date.

As for the developer of the game, Tindalos Interactive is a French game development company established in 2010, which has developed a series of RTS video games titled Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. Right now, Aliens: Dark Descent is the primary project that this development company has been working on.


You can purchase Aliens: Dark Descent for $39.99 (MSRP) across all platforms on pre-order right now. For the PC version, you can get this game via Steam and other online retailers. You can also get the best deal when you buy this game through some online retailers, allowing you to get a small discount for your purchase.

You can buy Aliens: Dark Descent for the best price on PC.

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Conclusion – Should You Play This Game?

Aliens: Dark Descent has the potential to be a great game to play for those who love the Alien franchise and the RTS genre. However, if you expect to play another Alien game that has the same gameplay elements as Alien: Isolation, you are in for disappointment. 

This game will not be the same as the previous game in the series, but it will offer you new and fresh gameplay elements that might get you hooked up throughout the game.

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