Bingo Bash Free Chips , Freebies , Credits & Free Coins

Bingo Bash Free Chips & Freebies

Bingo Bash Free Chips & Freebies

Are you searching for Bingo Bash free chips? Tired of website after website of expired Bingo Bash freebies and half hour long surveys to collect your Bingo Bash free credits? We offer free chips for Bingo Bash and bonus to both members and non-members of our site. Collecting the freebies is an easy and simple process that will take no more than a couple minutes provided you follow our easy instructions.

Bingo Bash is a mobile/Facebook casino game which uses “chips” in place of money as the currency. The Bingo Bash chips are bright red and round with a “B” on them. Bingo Bash players can get chips by either purchasing, earning them, or waiting for their daily free refill(which isn’t much). The daily free refill is also all over the place so you never know how much you really get each time.


The game is essentially online Bingo. Players can use power-ups and join tournaments to compete with other players online to win prizes. Over time, players can earn trophies through wins and achievements. The game also includes variations of typical Bingo which are dubbed “mini-games”.

How to claim Bingo bash free chips ?

In this article I will detail how you can collect your Bingo Bash free chips instantly with no hassle at all. By no hassle we mean:

  1. No long, monotonous surveys to fill out
  2. No need to give out any personal information
  3. Links that are 100 percent verified and are working
  4. Simple process to collect the bingo bash free chips android/ios
  5. No delay. Instantly receive your free chips on Bingo Bash

Collect Bingo Bash Free Chips

Ok, here is the process to collect your Bingo Bash free chips on ,desktop , android and IOS.

  2. See that button above?
  3. Go on collect now button.
  4. Wait a couple seconds
  5. Now you will be at our forum
  6. Navigate to the Bingo Bash Free Chips sub-forum bingo bash free chips
  7. Go on any of the links
  8. You will be redirected to facebook or mobile game app, depends on what device you are using,then you will be rewarded with Bingo bash free chips.

If it says that the offer has expired that means you have already collected it somewhere else(such as another site) or it’s 24-72 hour window is up. We have a moderator team but every once in a while an expired link will slip through. It is a rarity and most likely won’t happen again. The freebies are redeemable ONE TIME per account. If you collect first link and the other freebie links don’t work, to fix it and collect other Bingo Bash free chips links you must clear your browser cache or else the links won’t work. This applies to all browsers, Firefox, Internet explorer, Google Chrome, etc.

How much Bingo Bash Freebies can i get ?

Our Bingo Bash chips come in amounts of 5-25. Getting a 25 chip link is more likely than getting a 5 chip link but the most common Bingo Bash chips amount links we release is 15-20. Most other freebie sites only give out amounts of 5-15 AND they require you to fill out surveys and in the end they don’t give you back anything. We are the only site that requires next to nothing from you for you to collect your bingo bash free credits.  If you get a Bingo Bash free coins bonus and you want to share it with a friend you can choose to do that as well.

Mobile users are in luck as our site is mobile responsive. Mobile( Android & Ios) , desktop, tablet, you name it, everyone can claim their Bingo Bash free chips regardless of the device they are using. Access to our exclusive VIP freebies is available if you become a member. Members are entitled to exclusive VIP freebies that are not found on any other site. To become a member, visitors must register on our forum.Don’t worry it’s FREE.

Stay tuned , Follow us to not miss any bonus free coins

We post Bingo Bash free chips & freebies daily so if you want to be notified immediately when we post them you must register on our forum. Registration is quick and easy, requiring just an email, username, password, and to pass a captcha. After you register all you have to do is subscribe to the gaming forum which you want to be updated on and voila! Now you will know instantly when you can collect new Bingo Bash free chip codes.

The Bingo Bash free chips we post are posted in posts with 4 links at a time. The links are links and are trustworthy. Do not be intimidated by the seemingly alien URLs. URLs are just URLs that are shortened to make it easier to go on and load. Our site is SSL secured with no pop-ups nor viruses so you can claim your Bingo Bash freebies without worry.

Join our community for game disscussions & add friends on the game

On our forum you can access all of our selection.  We offer freebies for 20+ different games. Notable games we include are Doubledown CodesWSOP Chips ,Bingo Bash, Bingo Blitz, Jackpot Party , Willy Wonka and many other games. The moderator team updates the game sub-forums 3-4 times a day. After you sign up, I suggest you head on over to the introduction sub-forum to introduce yourself to the community. We have over 1k+ daily members for you to chat and discuss your game of choice with. In addition to the introduction and game sub-forums, there are frustrations and game discussions sub-forums.

In frustrations you can voice the problems you’ve encountered with Bingo Bash or freebies that didn’t work for you. A member of our moderator team will assist you and help you with your issue. Discuss and trade tips, tactics, cheats, bonuses, etc in the game discussions sub-forum. Or if you just want to meetup, make friends, and play some games, you can do that too.

Bingo Bash is a great game and I and many others have had a great time playing in tournaments and competitive games with friends. It’s a shame that many are unable to play the game as much as they want due to financial reasons.

We want to create a community of like-minded gamers who can have a place to discuss and help one another on the game of their choice. We the founders of Slotboosters are long time fans of mobile casino games and consider it a passion.  Stay tuned as in the future we are looking forward to adding new mobile and Facebook games as well as adding in possible additional sub-forums to our site.