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WSOP Free Chips and promo codes

WSOP-World Series of Poker Texas Holdem is a poker game with over 1,000,000 downloads on the app play store. This is one of the more “realistic” games as it was created to emulate the real WSOP experience. Although yes it is meant to be realistic, the game does not use real money. As usual in-place of cash money they use chips. WSOP gives 1.000.000 free wsop chips to new players which they can use to begin playing games and tournaments. Thanks to the popularity of the game players are able to find matches 24/7.

wsop free chips

WSOP is a great game with many key features. Circuit tournaments, exclusive events, WSOP clubs, and the ability to play live with friends creates a very fun and social atmosphere allowing players from all around the world to connect and play. I myself have personally met a few friends through the game! In addition to winning more chips, coveted WSOP rings can be earned through winning tournaments that in-turn will improve your ranking on the leaderboards. If you want to be at the heart of the online scene, then this is the game you would want to play. A very competitive environment in comparison to other online games.

How to get free chips on WSOP ?

Those seeking wsop free chips have a few options. They can connect their Facebook account to the WSOP app and receive a one-time wsop promotional code of 15,000 free chips. They can wait every few hours and receive a small amount of free chips. Or they can visit our community forum and use our wsop promo codes links. Collecting free chips on wsop from us is easy and takes little out of your day. The wsop chip codes we offer range in size. From 1 thousand to 1 million wsop free chips, our active wsop promo codes are always working.

It’s annoying waiting every few hours to collect the small amount of chips they give out for free. The amount of chips they dish out is also reliant on your level on the game so if you are a beginner you will get very few chips. Quite a few people have attempted to “hack” the game for free chips. These guys will try to sell you in on how if you download their program you will get unlimited chips. Do not fall for it. They are trying to gain access to your computer or earing money from you by completing surveys. Enough of the chitter-chatter. Let’s delve into how you can get your free wsop chips through our website. To collect free chips for wsop throught our site go to the button below.

Collect WSOP Free Chips Now

To collect wsop free chips from our site all you have to do is visit our forum and go on the links that are provided in the posts for whatever game it is you are seeking freebies for. There you will find 10+ different games all with their respective freebie links. Navigate to the WSOP sub-forum and go on a post. There will be links inside each post. Go on a link. You will be taken to Facebook or android/ios mobile game app depends on which device you are using where you will be rewarded with the mega bonus free chips.

Why choose slotbooster for wsop chip codes ?

We don’t do any of that survey crap. To put it succinctly, we cut the garbage and get straight to the point so you don’t waste time going throught one site to another looking for you bonus free chips. BTW if you want to claim more than 1 link you will have to clear your browser cache if that doesn’t work after your first bonus link. Otherwise you will get an error and won’t be able to collect your free chips.

The freebies we post have ALL been tried and tested before posted. They expire in 24-72 hours after being posted so you must be quick. Depending on the time of the year, the game, and many other factors, the quantity of the freebies will vary. But rest assured they are quality and have been tested by our experienced moderator team. Our moderator team has been involved with WSOP and other games for years so we know all about this type of stuff.  We also offer exclusive wsop freebies to those that sign-up on our forum. Exclusive freebies normally contain more chips than the standard freebies we offer.

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The forum is where we post all of our freebie links. We are not just limited to free chips for wsop. House of Fun,  Bingo Bash, Bingo Blitz , Doubledown Casino and several other slot games we offer freebie links for as well. In total, there are 10+ games featured on our forum. Each game comes with its own sub-forum. In the sub-forums is where our moderator team will create posts with the links to the freebies. Most posts will come with 3-4 links. Every post is updated 3-4 times per day to ensure that everything is in working order and that there are no “dead” links.

The forum is more than just a place to collect Wsop free chips We have over 1k+ active members on our site who like to discuss and chat about various game related topics such as tips, tricks, strategies, and other things of that nature that pertain to the game. With a game discussions and introduction sub-forum, members are able to engage with one another. If you are having problems with freebie links, notice something you don’t like about the game you’re playing, or anything else, than you can make a thread in the “frustrations” sub-forum voicing your concerns. If your thread is a complaint about our links then one of our moderators will assist as soon as possible.

To be alerted when we release new freebie links, just sign up on our forum and you will then have the option to subscribe to any sub-forum you want. So for example if you wanted to be notified immediately when new wsop free chips are posted all you have to do is subscribe to the WSOP sub-forum and you will receive an email notifying you.