An Introduction to Online Slot Strategies

If you live in South Africa and want to play some of the iGaming industry’s most popular online slot machines in the real money mode from your internet/Wi-Fi-enabled desktop computer or mobile device, you’ve come to the right place. 

Online Slot

Here is a basic introduction to some of the simplest and most effective online slot machine strategies every player should know, whether they are seasoned pros or novices. 

10 important strategies for playing online slot machines in South Africa in 2024

When playing licensed real money casino games in South Africa, there are a few things every player should remember to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time. If you are looking to play online slot machines with your hard-earned money, always remember the following ten important strategies:

  1. Choose a fully licensed and regulated South African online casino to play slots at, such as the official 10bet online casino, which is owned and operated by one of the iGaming industry’s most trusted names and has a license to legally operate in South Africa by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (MER). This site also happens to be Bafana Bafana’s official betting partner and the Lamontville Golden Arrows’ official principal partner
  2. Pick the right online slot machines that you will enjoy playing the most. 10bet SA, for example, has over 800 feature-rich slots from over ten market-leading providers, meaning there’s something to suit all types of players and different skill levels
  3. Set a reasonable budget before you start playing, and then stick within that budget to ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford
  4. Some players like to play online slots with above-average RTP% (Return to Player) payout rates. It’s a great strategy, but it doesn’t always guarantee you will win. The good news is that most slots on 10bet have above-average payout rates anyway (anywhere from 93.00% to 98.00% or higher)
  5. Gamble responsibly by placing relevant/sensible stakes that correspond to your budget. For example, if you deposit R100.00, you don’t want to set the stake to R10.00 per spin because this will only give you 10 spins. Perhaps reduce your stake to around R2.00 or R2.50 per spin to give you more time playing your favourite games. If you win big, you can increase your stake
  6. Like above, before hitting the spin button, always check that the stake is set to an amount you are comfortable spending per spin because the default stake in some slots might automatically be set to a higher amount than you were hoping to spend per spin. You may need to use the player controls to reduce your stake
  7. Take a look at the paytable of an online slot before you start playing to familiarise yourself with its game engines, symbol payout values, features, and other important info
  8. Take advantage of as many casino bonuses (e.g., free spins bonuses and matching deposit bonuses) as possible because it is essentially free money to play slots, and there’s a good chance you can win more money with those bonuses
  9. Wait until the progressive jackpots seem to be at boiling point rather than just after they have been won and reset to their much lower seed amounts
  10. When you have a big win in an online slot machine, don’t stay on it for too much longer. Perhaps try a different online slot from another provider or withdraw 75% to 80% of your winnings and leave the remaining 20% to 25% of your winnings in your account for another day. It will save you from having to keep depositing

Don’t chase your losses

The other important thing to remember is to avoid chasing your losses. If you deposit R50 and lose it all within the first five minutes, try not to redeposit immediately just to try and recoup your losses. Wait at least a day or more, and then try again when you are in a more positive frame of mind. 

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Final thoughts

Some online slot machines may be available in the free-play demo mode. If you want to try out some of the slot strategies mentioned above, look out for the free-play slots and try playing in this mode for a while. 

When you have nailed a few strategies, you may then want to try reloading the game, but this time, in the real money mode, just to see how it goes. Finally, always remember that you are subject to losses when playing in the real money mode. 

If you can try to remember some of these important online slot machine strategies when you next play at top-rated SA casino sites like 10bet, you should easily be able to hang on to your bankroll for longer periods and hopefully lose less money, or better still, win more money, in that time.  

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