5 Slot Games Indian Youngsters Went Crazy About

The online casino industry in India is growing phenomenally. As it has a population of over 1.2 billion smartphone devices and 700 million people having a device, it’s no wonder that this market has become lucrative. The current legislation within India does allow players there to play at online casinos; however, there is nothing in place for businesses in India to set up online casinos; the same restrictions apply if they wanted to set up a land-based casino. 

And one of the most popular iGaming categories at online casinos that the people of India love to bet on is online slot machines. All of the major online casinos that they can access now have huge and diverse catalogues of slot machines, meaning the offerings have never been as widespread as they are now.

Slot Games Indian Youngsters

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Characteristics of a top online slot

With those who love online casinos in India being so enthusiastic about online slots, particularly the younger generation who are more tech-savvy and account for a significant portion of the population, today we’re going to have a look at the top 5 slot games online that have really exploded in popularity and amassed almost a cult following their entrance into the online market, and we are going to have a look at what sets each of these casinos apart and why they have become so popular.

With there being so many slots to choose from in these vast catalogues, it can sometimes be hard to shortlist five of the top slots from such a choice, but they all share some mutual characteristics.

Each of them is modern and sleek in look, offering a wholly immersive experience and bonuses and features that can allow for big wins. The next is that they have their own themes and symbols that give that unique feel and online slot experience to the player. They also have a high RTP, or return to player percentage, meaning that they will pay out on average more and return more than those online slots with a low RTP.

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Money Cart 2

This online slot game immediately presents you with an immersive online experience and adopts a gold mining theme. It also allows you to play for free if you want to test the water to see what the game is like. It also keeps the game relatively simple, only having two base symbols, which are the golden bonus and bonus symbols. If you win with the bonus symbols, the payout will vary between 0.1 and 1x the stake.

Whereas if you’re lucky enough to land on the golden bonus, it can pay between 2x and 200x. It also provides a bit of nostalgia for slot players, as it doesn’t have the traditional winlines but rather a hold and spin function that the older slot games used to have.

Might of Ra

This game revolves around one central character, which is the fictional Egyptian god Ra. It has a solid and impressive 96.5% and offers the player a total of 50 paylines over 6 wheels and 4 rows. Across these reels, you will find nine standard symbols, with the bottom five paying the lower amounts and the upper four, which tend to be pictures of animals, providing the higher returns.

With the slot machine providing such a high number of symbols, it provides plenty of chances to get some winning combinations on the board. It is also a high-volatility game, which means that your wins will also be bigger, albeit less frequently.


This game is favoured amongst online slot players in India due to the fact that it is nice and simple to pick up and understand yet provides an immersive experience. Again, it has a solid 96.1% RTP, which is about average for online slots and is found in nearly every single major online casino, which then explains why it is no surprise it has found its way onto our list.

The intuitive interface also presents a futuristic element and really does provide entertainment right from the get-go. There are a total of 10 paylines, and the good thing about these paylines is that they pay either way. All of the symbols vary between different coloured jewels, depending on what they will return to you.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

Those who play online slots in India love this particular slot machine because of the incredible number of different ways you can win. It is classified as a megaways game, and as the name might suggest, it gives you 117,649 different ways to make a return on this game. It’s also a very big name in the online casino sector, available to play at nearly every single online casino. The only downside that isn’t all that bad is that its RTP is at 95.77%, but given that you have so many different ways to win, this isn’t too bad.

Age of the Gods

This slot machine also adopts a fictional god theme focused on the Greek gods and has a solid 96% RTP. The main attractive element about this particular slot machine is the immersive and futuristic graphics and animations. It is set out over a 5×3 reel layout and features an impressive 20 paylines. It is also between a medium and high volatility slot, which means that it can vary as to whether you will get medium wins frequently or big wins more infrequently. If you’re looking for an immersive online slot game, then this is the one you want to play. 

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In Summary

Today we have recapped some of the top slots that are popular amongst those in India who love playing at online casinos. They each have their own unique and individual themes and provide an entertaining experience for online players. Each of them also offers you the chance to ‘play for fun’ which means that you can play without having to bet with any of your own money.

However, if you do want to bet for real money, there are plenty of win lines and chances to win with the additional features. 

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