Are All Casinos Friendly to VPNs?

Are All Casinos Friendly to VPNs?

One of the safest and most secure ways to surf the net and visit websites in 2024 is to do so using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which creates a secure encrypted tunnel and routes your internet traffic via a remote server. 

Therefore, VPNs enable you to hide your true location (IP address) and gain access to websites that you wouldn’t normally be able to access because of where you live.

Casinos Friendly to VPNs

Due to local and international laws, licensing, and regulations, some website operators restrict people from visiting their sites. 

What are the best VPN-friendly casinos in 2024?

If you want a selection of world-class VPN-friendly casinos in 2024, one of iGaming’s most trusted review sites is the official Bitedge ( website.

The dedicated team of researchers have spent countless hours scouring the internet in search of fully licensed and regulated online casinos and sports betting sites that don’t have a problem with people using VPNs to access their sites. 

Each casino has been carefully hand picked before being selected for review, and then after it has been expertly reviewed by one of the team members and has passed with flying colours, it will then become a featured casino on their site that they recommend is worth signing up to. 

To register a new account at any of the following trusted VPN casino sites, click or tap on a review and then inside the review, where you can find plenty of links to each site. 

The reviews contain everything you need to know about the site, and by clicking/tapping on a ‘Play Now’ link, you will instantly be taken to that casino’s official sign-up page, where you can claim your exclusive new player welcome bonus. 

At the time of writing, the top 5 rated VPN-friendly casino sites you can find secure links for are BC.Game, CloudBet, NitroBetting Casino,, and FortuneJack. 

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Are all online casinos VPN-friendly?

No. Not all online casinos are VPN-friendly. For example, many online casinos may only be licensed to operate legally in certain jurisdictions, meaning they can only accept real cash wagers from players in certain countries. 

Some operators go as far as to use sophisticated VPN detectors to prevent people from sidestepping any restrictions they might have on which people it restricts. 

If you have your VPN switched on and try to visit a fully licensed and regulated online casino to play their games in the real money mode at a site that’s not VPN-friendly or at a site that uses geo-location software, an instant popup message is likely to appear on the screen asking you to switch off your VPN to gain access to the site. 

However, if you switch off your VPN and refresh the page, it will reveal your true IP address, and you still won’t be able to access the iGaming site or use any of its real money gambling services. Therefore, although VPNs are awesome, they don’t always work, especially in cases like this. 

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Final note

When signing up to a VPN-friendly casino site, always remember to stay within your budget by gambling responsibly. Never chase your losses or treat gambling in the real money mode as a job, and don’t forget to withdraw some of your winnings every now and then. 

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