Best Card Games That I Can Play Online on My PC

Best Card Games to Play Online on PC

Are you a fan of card games? Whether it’s a UNO card game, playing with the standard deck, or some special cards, if yes, we both are in the same place. I also like to play cards; my favourites are UNO Flip, Teen Pati & Blackjack, etc. But I want to play these games with my family and friends. What card games do I like to play on my PC when I’m all alone?

Before I tell you about the games, I know today’s technology allows us to play any game online with the computer, but there are specific games like Solitaire. Here are they;

Best Card Games Online That I Can Play on My Computer

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel

This game brings the 20-year-old trading card game into a definitive digital edition. Designed for Duelists of all skill levels, it remains true to the original trading card game. It offers both multiplayer duels and a solo mode with tutorials and special matches.

2. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

A mix of rogue-like progression and deck-building card game mechanics. Players choose from one of four characters, each with unique abilities, health, gold, and a starting relic. The game involves ascending a spire, facing various enemies and obstacles, and experimenting with different cards and relics.

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3. The Solitaire Conspiracy

The Solitaire Conspiracy

An indie Solitaire and FMV game developed by Mike Bissell. Released in 2020 for Windows and later for PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Players engage in Solitaire as part of a simulation, planning actions for a team of spies. Each face card has a unique action that influences the gameplay.

4. Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

A tactical role-playing game developed by Firaxis Games in collaboration with Marvel Games. Players take on the role of the Hunter, leading a selection of heroes to defeat Lilith. The game combines turn-based combat with deck building. Players manage their base, The Abbey, to acquire and upgrade cards for hero decks.

5. KARDS – The WWII Card Game

KARDS – The WWII Card Game

A turn-based collectable card game set during World War II. Players take on the role of one of the nations involved in the war, using historically accurate tanks, planes, and artillery. The game’s artwork is sourced from historical materials, providing a sense of history.

6. Marvel Snap

marvel snap

A fast-paced, strategic card battler set in the Marvel universe. Developed by former Hearthstone developers, it features iconic Marvel characters and locations. Each game is played across three comic book locations, each with a unique effect on the gameplay. The deck-building aspect is influenced by the board state and the specific locations.

Final Words

The games that I have shared here are video games but I’m planning to write an article on some unpopular playing card games or offline board games that you can play online on some websites with no need to download anything. Try out these games that we have mentioned here and let us know which one you like. If case we have missed any game then do comment below.

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