Bonus Games in Slots: All You Need to Know

Bonus Games in Slots: All You Need to Know

Slots definitely are one of the favorite games among gamblers. The reasons why people love them are various. However, we can highlight their simplicity as the number one reason. Yet, that’s not all. Today’s online casinos in Canada are now offering amazing bonuses for slot games. Their purpose is to make slot gambling more comfortable for the gambler. 

The good news for all Canadian gamblers is that slot bonuses come in different forms. But that’s not all! People should know a lot of other information about promotions for casino slots online.

Slot Bonus Rounds

That way, they can take advantage of these rewards and enjoy gambling to the fullest. If you want to find them out, continue reading!

What Are Slot Bonus Rounds?

Shortly, slot bonus rounds are free rounds that ensure additional prizes. In the majority of cases, people will need to connect specific or regular bonuses during one spin to get such a benefit. It would be wise to carefully read each slot’s information before making the first spin.

That way, you will know which symbols will trigger bonus rounds, which prizes you can win, and what to expect. 

To make things clear, these are not bonuses you can get from the casinos in Canada. These are just rewards that are unskippable parts of the games. On the other hand, bonuses provided by casinos are also something you should use.

Unfortunately, not all gambling sites offer promotions that will meet your expectations. If you want to make things easier and find the best Canadian online casino bonuses as soon as possible, we recommend that you check out the top picks at online sites so that you don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your gaming journey.

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Different Types of Slot Bonuses

Which rewards you will get depends on the game itself. To be precise, it depends on the concept of the game and the idea that its developer had. These bonuses really come in a wide range of forms, and we would like to highlight the most popular ones. Let’s go!

Free Spins

Free spins are, without any competition, the most common type of slot bonus reward. Collecting special symbols during one round can ensure you a particular number of spins. Usually, players will get the chance to enjoy 10 or more free spins. They do not cost you anything, no matter the number of them you get.

Also, free spins ensure the biggest potential rewards because of the features they come with. Many slot games contain multipliers during the free spin session. They can significantly increase the winnings you could potentially get. In some cases, the luckiest people can multiply their wager by up to 10000x.

Logically, it is important to say that people should not expect these lucky outcomes to happen that often. It is crucial to stay responsible while gambling and be satisfied even with much smaller winnings.


As the name suggests, the lucky winners can get the chance to enjoy extra spin and increase their wagers. Yet, the way you earn money here is different. In most cases, you will witness sticky bonuses that remain in the same spot after the re-spin. If another one appears on the reels, you get another re-spin. At the same time, other symbols on the reel are changing.

Based on our experience, people usually get 3 to 5 re-spins. Yet, the re-spins usually remain active when the trigger symbol appears. 

Spin the Wheel Bonus

This type of reward may not be as common as other types of bonuses. Yet, you will manage to find some slot games that still have them. In most cases, people need to connect specific bonuses to get this sort of reward. However, in this type, there are no free spins, re-spins, multipliers, and similar stuff.

A wheel appears on the screen, and you need to spin it to see which reward you got. 


Jackpots are also some sort of reward/bonus that you get. Some bonuses have their own jackpot. There are usually four of them, and each one has different values. The most common type is jackpot cards. Each jackpot is marked as one card symbol, and each one has a different value (from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars).

When you become the lucky winner (there usually isn’t a symbol that triggers them), you pick from different cards. When you collect three cards with the same symbol, you get the jackpot. 

Which Slot Games Offer the Best Bonus Rounds?

It is impossible to answer such a question. There really are many slots that offer different sorts of bonuses. As a rule of thumb, all the best slot games are developed by reputable software development companies. They usually all ensure bonus rounds that can bring some massive wins. 

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As mentioned, all the slot bonuses are available. You just need to pick the game that suits you the most and hope for the best. In some rare cases, it is possible to buy bonus rounds as well, but that may not be an attractive choice for people with smaller budgets.

Analyze which providers stand behind the slot game you like and read more details about the value of each symbol and what they can bring. Gamble responsibly! 

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