6 Sights We’ll Never See Again

6 Sights We’ll Never See Again

Our world is very fragile: at one moment everything can change due to the flapping of a butterfly’s wing or an unhealthy appetite for bats. Therefore, those who live here and now offer not to postpone life for later, but to catch every moment for travel and discovery. 

Although it will not be able to return to us, for example, these 6 priceless monuments of culture and nature, which have already been lost forever to humanity.

6 Sights We’ll Never See Again

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Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan

The Bamiyan Valley is located less than 200 km from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Once there towered two giants — giant statues of Buddha, which were part of the complex of Buddhist monasteries. The first mention of these places dates back to the 6th century AD.

Unfortunately, today almost nothing remains of its former greatness: in 2001, the statues were destroyed by the Taliban (the Taliban movement is recognized in Russia as a terrorist organization), who considered them pagan idols.A

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Guaira Waterfall

The cascade on the border of Brazil and Paraguay was one of the largest (and most impressive) waterfalls on the whole globe.

In 1982 it was decided to liquidate it to build a hydroelectric power station. The rocks surrounding the waterfall were blown up, the Guaira National Park of the same name was closed, and the newly created reservoir was filled with water to the top — estimate the power of the water flow! — in just two weeks.

In 2005, this HPP generated 93% of the total electricity demand of Paraguay and 20% of Brazil. Was it worth it? We’ll leave it to posterity to judge.

Stone Arch in Agadir

One of the most picturesque places on the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco is the stone arch of Legzira Beach.

Here, unlike many other cases, there was no human involvement. In 2016, due to the constant sea currents, this natural miracle collapsed, leaving behind only a mountain of debris and becoming a visual demonstration of the saying “water sharpens a stone”.

“Azure Window” On Gozo

Another amazing place created by the hands of nature. This 28-meter limestone rock in the shape of an arch was once located on Gozo, one of the islands of the Maltese archipelago. Since 1998, the Azure Window has been on the list of applicants for inclusion in the UNESCO list.

So far, a strong storm that hit the coast in 2017 has not deprived the arch overnight of any chance of obtaining a status title.

Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia

The Chacaltaya Glacier is romantically called the “Evaporated Giant” — and it is. Mother Nature spent 18 thousand years on its creation. But global warming quickly brought all the efforts of the planet to naught.

In the 1980s, the Chacaltaya glacier began to melt rapidly, having decreased by almost 80% by the beginning of the 21st century. Scientists expected that the only ski resort in Bolivia would be completely closed by 2016, but it happened much earlier — already in 2009 there was no trace of the glacier.

And someone, according to the results, invested very unsuccessfully in tourist real estate.

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Palmyra in Syria

Perhaps the most notorious crime against history and culture is the destruction of the legendary Palmyra in Syria. This one of the richest cities of late antiquity, located between Damascus and the Euphrates, was founded by King Cyrt I of Mitanni in 1500 BC.

In May 2015, ISIS militants who captured Palmyra looted and destroyed many monuments of the great ancient city. And in January 2017, after the re-capture, the central part of the amphitheater was also blown up.

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