Underrated Online Casino Games You Should Try 

Gambling should not be restricted to the popular games. Explore the diverse world of online casino games where you can get unique experiences. Enjoy the best games that deserve the spotlight in the online casino space.

Online Casino Games

Sic Bo 

Originating from China, Sic Bo is a game of chance centred on three dice being rolled. This is popular in Chinese and Macau casinos but it has also taken off as a solid option in place of the usual classics online.

Simple and fast-paced gameplay

The game involves predicting the sum amount of the three dice being rolled. It’s pretty simple to understand as the maximum number you can get is 18, so you have a range from 3 up to 18. Like most casino games, Sic Bo moves at a pace. So, make sure you get your predictions in before the dice are rolled.

Sic Bo’s gameplay is simple, but you have some options to wager on. Every prediction has a different payout, so pick the one you feel best balances the risk and its potential payout. Here are some of the bets you can make in this game: 

  • Small bet:  A bet on the dice sum between four and 10 with a payout of 1:1 your wager.
  • Big bet: A bet for a dice sum between 11 and 17, with the payout being 1:1 too.
  • Double bet: This is a prediction that two of the three dice rolled have the same number. The payout here is 10:1.
  • Triple bet: A bet for the dice all being the same number with a payout of 30:1.

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Crazy Time

This game is in the format of a game show with a colorful wheel filled with bonus features and multipliers for your payouts. Because of its easy gameplay like the popular online slots for Canadian players, Crazy Time is a top choice for both new and regular bettors.

Players place their bets on the various outcomes on the wheel as they wait if it lands on a multiplier or a bonus game. A host helps you understand the game better as they will be guiding you throughout the game. You just have to place your predictions and input your wager to enjoy until you hit a bonus on the wheel.

Crazy Time’s bonus features 

The game has incredible exclusive features like bet multipliers that can change every round. There are also mini-games here, such as the Coin Flip bonus game, the Cash Hunt bonus game, the Pachinko bonus game, and the Crazy Time bonus game. Expect more payouts than ever when playing here because of the primary game and its multiple mini-games.


Plinko involves making a wager and then waiting for the ball to land in a specific pocket. That landing spot will have a corresponding value, which you will receive. The reward can range from a modest reward to a massive prize, so get your bets in now.

The randomness of the game is what makes it so exciting to play because the pegs are in the way. The ball will not fall in just one direction, making it more of a random game, which is a perfect fit for online casinos. 

Low house edge

Having a low house edge is a big deal for all kinds of casino games, even in online slots for Canadian players, because bettors know they can at least win some good rewards. Try playing Plinko and have the chance to win massive rewards.

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Go for these underrated games, not just the classics

Online casinos will always feature games that are less popular than slots or blackjack. As you embark on your online casino journey, take note of the underrated games and explore all of the options you have. Who knows? An underrated game might be your golden ticket to hitting the jackpot. 

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